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    Pritt is a German brand of adhesives, tapes, KidsArt, correction, and fixing products.

    In 1969 they invented the world's first glue stick after studying the "twist-up ease" and convenience of lipstick applicators. Since then, the world of gluing has never been the same, as consumers finally had a clean and convenient method of gluing! Pritt has sold over 1 billion glue sticks in 121 countries, distinguishing Pritt as a true worldwide brand.

    Pritt is not only a worldwide brand, in 2001 it literally became a "universe-wide" one! On March 17 2001, a Soyuz rocket was launched from Kazakhstan carrying a cargo of Pritt products bound for the International Space Station. On board, the Commander of the ISS personally tests the Pritt products. Upon rigorous daily use under zero-gravity and other extreme space conditions, Pritt is officially awarded the exclusive seal of "Space-Proof Quality".

    An integral part of Pritt's vision is to support the motor and cognitive development of children through creative crafting. They want to contribute by providing strong product performance with a sustainable footprint.

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    Picture of Card 3 22g Pritt Stick

    Card 3 22g Pritt Stick

    ● 3 x 22g
    ● Solvent Free
    Picture of Jumbo Pritt Stick - 90g

    Jumbo Pritt Stick - 90g

    ● Solvent free

    Picture of Pack of 12 ||Pritt Pkt.64 Glue Dots - Permanent

    Pack of 12 ||Pritt Pkt.64 Glue Dots - Permanent

    • Pack of 64 Glue Dots
    • Double-Sided
    • Individually formed
    • Permanent adhesive
    • Easy to use and apply
    • No drying time required
    Picture of Pack of 12 ||Pritt Pkt.64 Glue Dots - Repositionable
    Picture of Pritt 125 ml Copydex Clear Glue

    Pritt 125 ml Copydex Clear Glue

    Strong, versatile, natural rubber latex based glue. Suitable for use on paper, card, wood, plastic, metal, cork, fabric, leather and many other materials, making it the perfect adhesive for your art & craft project!

    • Safe, solvent-free and acid-free
    • 125 ml bottle
    • Clear when dry
    • Perfect for repairing carpets, craft projects and DIY
    Picture of Pritt Stick Card 2x43g Glue Stick

    Pritt Stick Card 2x43g Glue Stick

    ● 2 x 43g
    ● Solvent free